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Welcome to the City of London Corporation’s website for the construction of City of London Primary Academy Islington (CoLPAI).

The City of London Corporation is redeveloping the former Richard Cloudesley School site and the associated City of London land, on Golden Lane. The COLPAI project will deliver a new school, City of London Primary Academy Islington (CoLPAI) with space for 420 pupils and 38 nursery spaces to meet the increasing demand for primary school places. The scheme will also provide 66 much-needed social rent homes.

The next COLPAI Project Public Meeting will take place on Thursday 24 October 2019 at 6pm-7pm, downstairs in the Golden Lane Estate Community Centre, Fann Street, London EC1Y 0RN

For site emergencies, please contact:

Steven McCarthy

T: 07825 719 496

Stephen Beattie

T: 07816 418 156


For general enquiries, please contact the project team:

E: info@colpai-project.co.uk

T: 0800 772 0475


The project includes a new school and homes for residents of the City of London and London Borough of Islington.

Planning approval to redevelop the site was granted in July 2018. The scheme includes:

  • A ground plus two storey school for 420 pupils

  • A nursery for 38 children

  • 66 new homes, all for social rent

  • 3 workspace accommodation

  • High-quality landscaping and greenery

  • Sustainably built and maintained building

  • Enhancements to the public realm

  • Outstanding design.

For more information, please visit www.colpai.org.uk


ISG is the appointed contractor. It provides a comprehensive construction service to its clients around the world, working across sectors and geographies.

ISG believes in a flexibly approach to delivery and recognises the importance a good design and high-quality build plays in creating inspiring, successful and dynamic environments.

 Its experience in the education sector includes The American School in London, an international private school in St John’s Wood and Julian’s School, a primary school in Streatham. It has also worked on a variety of residential schemes including the Marylebone Village estate, a 139 unit residential project.

 ISG is part of the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which ensures the impact of building works on local communities is minimised in terms of noise, traffic, access and hours of operation. The Considerate Constructors Scheme is a national initiative set-up by the construction industry to improve its image. Construction sites and companies registered with the Scheme are monitored against a Code of Considerate Practice.

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Indicative view of City of London Primary Academy Islington (COLPAI) from Golden Lane.

Indicative view of City of London Primary Academy Islington (COLPAI) from Golden Lane.



Visit this page for any downloads including newsletters or public documents.

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Community Liaison Meeting Notes

We will hold regular Community Liaison meetings with representatives from the local area. The meeting notes are available to view here.

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We currently issue monthly newsletters to the local community. These newsletters are delivered to the local area and available for digital download here.

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We will be issuing a weekly look ahead for works relating to the project moving forward.


As you are aware, the City of London Corporation was granted planning consent to redevelop the site to provide a new primary school as well as 66 new homes for social rent. You can view these documents via the following links:

City of London residents please visit:


Search for application reference: 17/00770/FULL

London Borough of Islington residents please visit:


Search for application reference: P2017/2961/FUL

The team is submitting information to discharge conditions of the planning application.

You can view the full list of conditions from the planning applications as well as planning application numbers where available by clicking here.


Throughout this project, we would like to engage with and involve the community as much as possible on key decisions around the new school and residential building. Drawing on local knowledge and views from our neighbours, the local community and parents of the CoLPAI pupils, we would like your input on a number of key issues.


Replacement of trees on-site, adjacent to the allotments is now closed.

The consultation event launched at our COLPAI Project Drop-In Event on Thursday 21 March 2019 and the online survey closed on Friday 5 April 2019 at midnight.

24 participants took part in the consultation and were asked a:

  • Choice of two options for the replacement of trees on-site

  • Preference on planting small or large trees.

The Results

52% of respondents stated a Native Wood mix as their preference. Respondents noted that the large canopy coverage of the Native Wood Mix option, would provide good shelter for the allotments.

78.1% of respondents noted their preference was for the replacement of trees to be of smaller size in order to be more sustainable. Smaller trees would grow taller and live longer.

The majority of respondents were Golden Lane Estate residents, with 62% of these respondents selecting the Native Wood Mix option.

Thank you to those who participated in the consultation. We will plant the preferred option Native Wood Mix on completion of the school and will keep you updated on the next steps.

We apologise for any inconvenience but the COLPAI School Waste Strategy consultation has been discontinued.


The Project

Q. What will be delivered and when will the work be completed?

The City of London Corporation (City Corporation) is redeveloping the former Richard Cloudesley School site to provide a new school, the City of London Primary Academy Islington (COLPAI), with space for 420 pupils and 38 nursery spaces. In addition, the redevelopment will provide 66 new homes for social rent. The completion date for the school is Quarter 2, 2020 and the new homes will be built by Quarter 2, 2021.


Q. Will you be cleaning the surrounding streets? Will you clean my window and balcony?

Vehicles leaving the site are cleaned to make sure dirt is not brought out to the road and on-site dust suppression is in place. We also undertake a bi-monthly window cleaning of surrounding properties.

Q. What mitigation against noise, dust and vibration is in place?

Screening of the site contains noise and dust. Dampening down using misters are used to suppress dust. Monitoring is in place to keep a log of vibrations, noise and dust. 

We have also provided an area of respite for the local community away from the works. The area is located in the Golden Lane Estate Community Centre and residents are welcome to use the break-out space in the lower ground floor of the centre where there is free Wi-Fi. This space is open Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm.

Q. Will there be screening to protect my privacy / the allotments?

Hoarding has been used to protect the privacy of residents and the allotments.

Q. What is the best way for us to register any complaints that we may have?

For site emergencies, please contact Steven McCarthy, ISG, on 07825 719 496 or Stephen Beattie, ISG, on 07816 418 156. All other general enquiries or complaints can be sent to info@colpai-project.co.uk. The COLPAI Project Team has a communications protocol for formal complaints and this is the best way for you to register any complaints that you may have. 

All complaints are dealt with in accordance with the City Corporation’s established Complaints Procedure, which includes an acknowledgement within three working days and, a full response within 10 working days. We recognise that some complaints will need to be dealt with more urgently, which we will endeavour to do so.

Q. Why are you not using acoustic barriers on-site to reduce the noise generated from the works?

Due to the nature and proximity of the works, acoustic barriers simply would not be practical and would not work to any significant extent.

External Contractor Works

Q. Who are UKPS/UKPN and what work are they doing?

UKPN works are being carried out to allow for the connection of transformers, this work is being undertaken by a contractor working directly for the power network. Works carried out by its contractors on the local electricity supply infrastructure are controlled by UKPS/UKPN and the local authority it is working within. While the works being carried out by the contractors is to facilitate the redevelopment of the COLPAI site, the COLPAI Project Team has no control over the work it carries out other than to request an upgrade to the power supply for the site.

Q. Why is Basterfield Service Road being used?

The Basterfield Service Road is not to be used as part of the ISG Construction Management Plan (CMP) and ISG will continue to use Golden Lane to access and egress the site.


Q. Is vibration, dust and noise monitoring being undertaken on-site?

Vibration monitoring is currently in place. The team has been monitoring noise and vibration levels from three points on the boundary of the site, if the agreed control levels are breached then the site team, the City of London Corporation and the London Borough of Islington are sent an alert in real-time. 

Data from the monitoring equipment is shared with the Environmental Health teams at the City of London and the London Borough of Islington.

Q. Why have you not installed vibration monitoring equipment on the walls of Basterfield House so that the actual impact on the building itself can be properly assessed?

The monitors are located on the hoarding along the Basterfield House service road, which is less than five metres from the elevation of Basterfield House. We would not expect a significant difference in the levels of vibration recorded at the perimeter of the site and the walls of Basterfield House.

Q. Who can I contact regarding cracks in my property?

The City of London Corporation has employed an independent surveyor to inspect properties with reported cracking. If you wish to arrange an appointment, please get in touch.


Q. Is there asbestos on-site?

Prior to demolition, the City of London Corporation instructed ISG to conduct a detailed Refurbishment and Demolition Survey (R&D) of the existing buildings prior to demolition. During this survey, asbestos was discovered. The asbestos found was subsequently removed under controlled conditions in strict accordance with Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requirements. 

ISG along with asbestos removal specialists have submitted a detailed plan to the HSE in strict accordance with HSE regulation and guidance.  

When the existing concrete slab from the previous building was dug out, a small amount of asbestos (approximately ½m²) was discovered. However, this asbestos was not picked up by previous surveys as it was below ground floor slabs. The excavation work was suspended immediately and a sample of the material was sent away for testing under controlled conditions, which confirmed to be chrysotile in the form of asbestos insulation board (AIB). HSE was notified, and work suspended as per the regulations, for a further 14 days while an asbestos removal strategy, statement of methodology and a risk assessment is prepared for approval. These have been submitted to the HSE.  After the 14 day-period lapsed, works began for the removal of asbestos material under controlled conditions by a licensed asbestos removal company and taken to an approved, licensed asbestos disposal site.

Q. Is the asbestos a threat to residents’ health?

We do not believe that there has been any risk to residents as a result of the asbestos detected on-site. As soon as the asbestos was discovered, ISG employed appropriate monitoring equipment immediately and a full-time analyst was brought on-site for the duration of the works. It has been necessary for site operatives working in and around the area of the uncovered asbestos to wear protective suits and masks, as dictated by the regulations. Air monitoring equipment has been set up to allow us to monitor the concentration of any airborne asbestos fibre levels that may be generated by the demolition works.

Q. How long is asbestos removal expected to take?

The removal of asbestos is an ongoing process and at this stage it is unclear when this process will be completed. As required by the regulations, ISG continue to carry out surveys as the works progress.

Q. Why do operatives wear protective suits with respirators?

It has been necessary for site workers in and around the area of the uncovered asbestos to wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) in the form of suits and masks, as dictated by the regulations. Air monitoring equipment has been set up and we are sharing these on a monthly basis, along with the monitoring results for dust, noise and vibration.

Site Works

Q. What works will you be carrying out during the ‘reduced impact hours’?

Percussive machinery or other similar construction involving heavy machinery is not undertaken during reduced impact hours. During the ‘reduced impact hours’ there will still be activity on-site such as the loading of lorries, the use of hand tools and the use of jet washers.

Q. Will generators be used on-site?

Any generator on the site shall be used solely on intermittent and exceptional occasions when required in response to a life-threatening emergency or an exceptional event requiring business continuity and shall not be used at any other time. At all times the generator shall be operated to minimise noise impacts and emissions of air pollutants and a log of its use shall be maintained and be available for inspection by the Local Planning Authority.

Q. What works are to be undertaken in the next few months?

The works currently taking place is primarily groundworks, preparing the site for the new buildings. This will include groundworks, pile probing and piling. Following the discovery of asbestos below the concrete slab of the previous building, we will also be removing all spoil from site to avoid any cross-contamination.

Concrete Crushing

Q. Will you be concrete crushing on-site?

Due to a number of concerns raised by residents regarding noise and vibration caused by crushing on-site as well as the discovery of further asbestos in the concrete slabs, ISG has reviewed the decision to crush concrete on-site. ISG decided to no longer carry out this methodology and concrete will be transported off-site to be crushed and recycled.


Q: Following the gas leak in December, will you be conducting any additional local services site surveys?

The additional surveys conducted are:
  • Re-survey of the site perimeter
  • Basement of adjacent building surveyed, and services tracked
  • Slip trenches dug to perimeter of site
  • Any anomalies to be identified, excavated and exposed

Q. Has an archaeological assessment been carried out on-site?

Conditions for the planning permission require that the site is archaeologically recorded in accordance with the agreed methodology from the AOC Archaeology Group. The City of London and the London Borough of Islington has approved a ‘Written Scheme of Investigation for an Archaeological Mitigation Investigation’ from the AOC Archaeology Group.

Q: Has the Unexploded Ordnance Probing (UXO) found anything yet?

The team has undertaken non-intrusive surveys before intrusive surveys can be carried out. If an item is found to be of Explosive Ordnance the SafeLane Global’s Site Manager will carry out a Risk/Hazard Assessment for it.

Q. Will you be publishing noise, dust, vibration and asbestos monitoring results?

Dust, noise, asbestos and vibration monitoring is currently displayed on the site notice board on the hoardings and will be updated monthly.

Q. Why is there CCTV on-site?

For additional security, ISG has installed a singular CCTV camera and four motion sensors. The camera is only recording the site and cannot be directed outside the boundary lines.

To keep the local community updated on the project we will be delivering regular newsletters. Please see the distribution area we deliver to below. If your home or business does not fall within this area but you would like to receive a hardcopy of the newsletter, please let us know by emailing info@colpai-project.co.uk or call us on 0800 772 0475.

For the Department of Community and Children’s Services (DCCS), please contact:

Paul Murtagh

Assistant Director, Barbican Estate & Property Services,Community & Children’s Services

T: 020 7332 3015

For site emergencies please contact:

Steven McCarthy

T: 07825 719 496

Stephen Beattie

T: 07816 418 156

For general enquiries, please contact the project team:

E: info@colpai-project.co.uk

T: 0800 772 0475



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