In the meantime, we would like to gain your comments and feedback on the contractor's draft Construction Management Plan and the Demolition, Construction and Logistics Plan for the COLPAI project.


For the Construction Management Plan, please CLICK HERE


For the Demolition Construction and Logistics Plan, please CLICK HERE


A Community Liaison Group has been set-up with representatives of the surrounding community. Its first meeting was held on 17 July 2018. To view the meeting notes, please CLICK HERE


We will be holding a Drop-in Session on Tuesday 7 August 2018 from 5pm to 7pm. For the invitation letter, please CLICK HERE


Please email your comments to or call 0800 772 0475 to talk to a member of the team.

The website for the COLPAI Project is undergoing maintenance to bring you the latest information and updates regarding the redevelopment of the former Richard Cloudsley School, please check back in a few days.

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